Narrowed Or Blocked Arteries In The Legs

Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD) Treatment

Plaque can build up in your arteries, resulting in narrowed or blocked arteries. When this occurs in the arteries supplying the leg, it can result in pain in the calf with walking (intermittent claudication). 

In severe disease, it can result in loss of tissue (ulcers or gangrene) and could result in amputation. 

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Expertise with minimally invasive surgery

Dr Ling an experienced vascular specialist can provide minimally invasive solutions to treat narrowed and blocked arteries in the body. These involve endovascular treatments with balloons and stents. During your consultation, Dr Ling will advise you of your best PVD treatment option based on your circumstances.

Endovascular intervention - ``Balloon angioplasty`` and ``Stenting``

The above video animation demonstrates the procedure of a balloon angioplasty and stent. A detailed description of Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatment will be provided during your consultation with Dr Ling.